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    liz davoll

    Hi all!

    I sent my sample in August 2017 and sequencing started March of 2018.

    How long does that usually take?

    I’d love to see her results and what they found.


    brittney logan

    Hi Liz,

    We plan to have the results uploaded to your dogs profile very soon! Since new have a new webpage, we have been working on formatting, which is taking a bit longer than we expected. Thank you for your patience though, we are so excited to share the results of the sequenced samples so far!


    liz davoll

    Thank you Brittney! As someone who just launched a new website at work, I know all too well the speedbumps that come along. Looking forward to seeing her results, and thanks for the awesome work you do.


    Only a year? I’ve been waiting TWO YEARS. This project is a complete fiasco and should be shut down.


    liz davoll

    Hi randy – ill guess you don’t have much experience in scientific research or being a VOLUNTEER for one.

    This post was not a complaint, it was an inquiry.


    amy tragethon riggs

    Thank you for the update Brittney. As I’m sure you’ve probably seen, quite a few of us have been geeking out on the sequencing status. I’m so curious how these results might compare to the Embark results I sent over for Roadie.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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