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    sue may

    We sent the DNA sample in about 2 months ago – will we be notified via email when/if results are in? If not, how will we be notified? Thank you!


    brittney logan

    Hi Sue, when the results come in we certainly will notify participants. Most likely the notification will appear on your profile which will show your dogs results. It would be a bit complicated to email each participant about their individual results. We are still collecting samples from participants and waiting to run the samples, so it will still be a while until we are able to assess results.

    Keep checking our webpage and newsletter for updates about the research! Our November news letter will be available on this webpage shortly! Thank you for your participation and patience.


    jacqui lee

    So, if the info here on my dog says “not genotyped”, does that just mean not yet? I did have trouble getting a good saliva sample.


    jane nichols

    Same question So, if the info here on my dog says “not genotyped”, does that just mean not yet


    renee novak arze

    Same question. Both my dogs “not genotyped”.


    jesse mcclure

    I’ve just revised the “not genotyped” note to say “not yet genotyped” as that is the meaning.

    If we were to learn there was a problem with your sample, we’d let you know and potentially send a new kit.


    becky bowen

    Have any dogs been genotyped yet? Will everyone be able to see the results or just the owners? I’m just interested to see what kind of information will be coming back!


    brittney logan

    Hi Becky, we did genotype 500 sample already too assess how the chip is working. We have not yet sent any other sample out for testing though as we are still collecting. As for the result, we plan on uploading the information to each participants personal profile so it will not be public. We cannot yet provide a timeline for when results will be ready, as science takes time and can be unpredictable. We are looking forward to seeing what the DNA will reveal as well!


    how long do i have to wait to get my sample?

    – Carlos


    brittney logan

    Hi Carlos, I checked your information and you are all set to receive a DNA kit! I would suspect this will take about a week to get to you. We are doing much better at getting kits to eligible participants. When your dog is assigned a kit ID number (located in the Personalized Feedback section) this means that the kit has been assigned and is in the mail! As for the results, we cannot yet put a timeline on when they will be ready for participants viewing. This research is still very young, but we are so excited to assess the samples!


    juan alandete

    How can I know when my results are going to be available…. I submitted results several months ago…


    brittney logan

    Hi Juan,

    Recently I answered this question in another form post. Please take a look at it to answer your question. If your have further questions, please let me know.

    Coming Soon


    gretchen austin

    I sent in the DNA for Layla back in October or November but have not received any results from you. this is the message I did receive

    DNA sample status: barcode=31001602111452; kit received Nov 15th 2016; not yet genotyped

    Can you let me know when I can expect to get any information?
    Gretchen dog: Layla


    brittney logan

    Gretchen, we cannot say exactly when the results will be available. Right now we are still in the early stages of our research collecting samples, and working on our methods. We originally had planned to genotype the samples, but we are now seeing that this is not providing us with as much data as we would like. We want to be able to provide you with as much data as possible, so we are working on new ways to assess the samples, such as low-coverage sequencing.

    When results are ready they will be uploaded to your Darwin’s Dogs profile. As of right now, in terms of the saliva sample, the notification of when received and sample status is what we can provide. For the behavior aspect of this research, we are releasing new surveys each month for participants to take. Please keep checking into your profile for these surveys and updates about our research. Also, you can stay up to date with what is going on by reading our Monthly Pupdate and checking into our social media pages.


    kriss harrigian

    What does it mean when you say DNA sample status: in queue for mailing?

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