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I am so sorry for your loss! It truly is one of the hardest things to have to go through. My husband doesn’t understand why we would even have dogs when it hurts so bad to lose them. But I’m sure you agree, I couldn’t imagine life without them. My parents dog is waiting for a kit and he is getting older. Hopefully we still have a few years but you just never know. 19 years is an amazing life! I would likely purchase a kit for them if our time was getting short. I hope it would be a way to kind of keep him alive and as we learn about the different breeds we can remember him and his unique personality. I find it really fascinating to learn about the different breeds and where they came from. My dog is half Australian Cattle dog and I learned about that breed and how they were actually the result of dogs being bred in ugh dingos! He was listed as three different terriers but they ended up becoming Jack Russell and he is half and half. It so fits his personality too. As new breeds get added it will be a chance to learn more about him. Even if it is so compare and see all the ways she wasn’t like those breeds I hope you are able to do the same. Because even if they have the exact characteristics of their breed they are still so very unique. I’m so fascinated with how the different breeds have such different traits though. Especially in my other dog who is mega mutt with 13 breeds in her. Did she have any chihuahua traits? Or is that similar to the Coton de Tyler’s breed? My Luna had beagle listed as her 2nd most prominent breed. I couldn’t see it at all by looking at her. And then I realized that’s where she got her bayish howl and her nose that won’t stop! It’s been fun for me to learn about all 13 of her breeds.