We want to know what science questions you have!

PUBLISHED ON May 22, 2018 by michele koltookian

Hello, Darwin’s dog’s participants!

We are reaching out because we want to hear from you our readers what questions you have regarding science, genetics, and Darwin’s Dogs.


Now, I know the first thing you are wondering is “When am I going to receive my dog’s data?”. Fair enough! We appreciate your patience in this process. As you might have heard us say, research is slow. Our work is non-profit, so we also have to apply for (and wait for) grants. You can find out more about what happens to your dog’s sample in this blog post.

We’ve been wracking our brains trying to figure out what else we can do, while you wait, that might be fun and informative. We’re hoping you have other burning questions for us that we can answer now! Like, what is a gene? And how many of these so-called genes does my dog have? What exactly is involved in extracting the DNA from my dog’s swab? How much DNA do you get from my dog’s sample? How similar is dog and human DNA? Do they have the same number of genes and chromosomes?

If you have questions, you’re in luck!

We are looking for new blog topic ideas and would like to get your input on what science questions you have related to dog genetics or just genetics in general.

Email info@darwinsdogs.org with the subject line of science questions, and we will start answering them in our new blog posts!

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