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Personality traits:
32% of Golden Retrievers
were described as both friendly and easy to train

Breed-defining traits:
43% of Golden Retrievers
were described as having long, soft coats
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Personality traits
Breed-defining traits

Every dog is an individual

How reliable are the behavioral traits we look for in dog breeds?

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info How comfortable a dog is around people, especially if unfamiliar to them.

Human Sociability

info How easily stimulated a dog is in multiple situations, both in activity level and impulse control.

Arousal Level

info How much a dog displays motor patterns (e.g. grab-bite, chase), particularly towards toys.


info How readily a dog responds to human direction, especially in the context of training.


info How easily a dog is provoked by a frightening, uncomfortable, or annoying stimulus.

Agonistic Threshold

info How comfortable a dog is around other dogs.

Dog Sociability

info How interactive a dog is with its familiar, daily environment.

Environmental Engagement

info How readily a dog solicits human contact and closeness.

Proximity Seeking

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The Project: Darwin’s Ark

The Team: A collaboration between Karlsson and Colubri Labs

The Data Source: is from surveys on 18,371 dogs, storaged on Dryad at DOI

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