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    william hutton

    just out of curiosity
    when forming your reference panel,
    does this consist of only dogs in your screening ?
    or do you also source DNA pools from outside sources?

    there are a large number of different breed clubs out there that collect DNA on their registered dogs.
    each pool would have more defined indictors for each respective breed.
    i’d think it might help,
    not only with highly confusing lines like the bully breeds but also with rarer breeds you might not ever get a sample from.

    as example
    I have a wirehair point griffon ,through paper work I can determine a predominantly European back ground (france)
    46% of her breed mix can be accounted for..
    19% is WPG, 7.5 GSP, 5.2 Brittany..13.4% other hunting breeds
    54% is unknown ..
    through breed research I have reason to believe the unknown is “cesky fousek”
    a relatively unknown and rare breed in north America.
    one you will probably never get enough samples of to process on your own

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    william hutton

    yes I do hunt my dog .
    you can’t teach a dog to hunt ,they either do it or don’t. because they want to.
    but you obviously hedge your bet by choosing a breed that was bred to do that.
    she does well, but would not be a good candidate for competitive field trialing.

    is hunting a suggested activity already?
    the reason I asked the question is because many of the activities ,herding ,tracking , swimming are things that may seem of only moderate interest to my dog. but they are all used by her in some capacity while hunting with a lot of intensity and focus.
    as an example , my dog is not a big swimmer. wading is more her style
    but if there is a duck to retrieve ,she will swim thru icebergs in February to get it.

    so i’m guessing that
    if hunting is one of your recommended activities , I have an oddity ?
    if hunting is not a recommended activity I could have a possible pattern?

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    william hutton

    i’m kind of puzzled about why hunting would not be listed as an activity for a breed bred to hunt.
    if anything id expect the genes and associated behaviors would stand out more so among the sporting groups

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