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    Hi Sally,
    Sequencing means that your dog’s sample is at Gencove where we are sequencing the samples and we should have the results soon. As soon as they have been analyzed we will send you an email.

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    Hi Jennifer, Sorry for any confusion with our new website ( we have made it easier for you to retake any surveys. If you log in to your account there should be a button next to each survey where you can retake it.

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    Hi Susan and Nirali,
    Please know that we do plan on sharing your dog/s results with you but since we are a non-profit we can only sequence the samples in batches as our funding comes in. So we, unfortunately, do not have a set timeline. We just have launched our new website that does allow those who wish to get their dogs results sooner to make a donation which allows us to speed up the process.

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    Hi Katie, I am so glad to hear that she is doing great after her surgery, but am sorry to hear that her time is limited. I have no doubt her months will be filled with lots of love and snuggles! I will talk to the vet in our group and see if the pathology reports will be useful for her. Please give her a hug from us!

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    Hi Laura, We do plan on sharing your dog results but we, unfortunately, do not have a timeline since we are non-profit we can only run samples in batches for which we currently have funding for. If you have answered 10 or more surveys your dog samples are entered into the queue to run. We have also just launched our new website for those that do want their results sooner they can make a donation. But as I mentioned above please know we do plan on sharing your results even without the donation we just have to do it in batches as we get the funding in.

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    Hi Katie, I am so sorry to hear about your pups diagnoses. May I ask what kind of bone cancer she was diagnosed with? We do have a vet in our group that is working on a few cancer projects. You are correct we have sent her sample off for sequencing.

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    Hi Erika,
    We do find evidence of some breeds being prone to certain cancer types. While we hope our studies will eventually lead to better understanding and treatment options for dogs another reason to study cancer in dogs is that it is a good model for human cancers as well. As dogs and humans are affected by the same types of cancers.

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