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    Hi! I just joined this project, and though I am waiting for a free kit now, I may just go ahead and purchase one in the near future. I am a science teacher and I really believe that this type of project is super cool and needed. Also, the fact that you are doing open science is awesome. After working in materials science research as a grad student, I got really frustrated at how all of the research groups were working against each other and keeping data and scientific methods secret just to try to be better than other researchers. What you guys are doing here is awesome and I hope more scientists, research groups, and companies work to make science more shareable.

    So being a nerd, I am interested in what your plans are for the future. Though your current surveys are great, I am wondering if Darwin’s Dogs is going to be adding new surveys over time as new questions arise or if you are thinking about adding surveys that people take thoughout their dog’s lifetime to see how genetics influences a dogs life over time. My dog is just over a year old (I think?), and though I know you won’t be likely to tell me specific results about my dog life, I would definitely be willing to participate in a study like that.

    Anyways, thanks for what you do! I am excited to see how this grows.

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    brittney logan

    Hi Maxine,

    First off, thank you so much for your kind words and support! We truly believe in open science, and we are happy to share how this research works.

    As the research continues, we will certainly be adding more surveys, and you are right on the money about adding surveys regarding life stages! We have talked about adding surveys that go through puppyhood, adolescence, midlife and elderly age. We collaborate with the IAABC, and reference many other already published surveys when creating them. These surveys are still work in progress, but hopefully in the near future they will be added.

    As your dog ages, we know behaviors may change. So we do provide the option to re-take any of the surveys. All original survey answers are saved in our database, so we will know if the answers changed over time.

    Our apologies if you have been waiting some time for the Free Kit, but we greatly appreciate your patience and willingness to support you dogs DNA sample if you choose to go that route. We continue to apply for more grant money so that we can support our free participants. The survey data provide by owners absolutely helps us to assess and write up grants to receive more funding!

    Again, thank you for the support, we are excited to learn more about your dog!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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