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    steve fekete

    Just received the DNA results for my beloved “hound dog” Bizzy….who is not a hound dog at all!

    To say Bizzy is a “mixed breed” would be an understatement…41% of his DNA has been classified as UNKNOWN lol. His primary ancestry indicates german shepherd (I’d have bet my retirement he was 0% shepherd), Siberian Husky, and rotweiller, with two breeds of terrier mixed in.

    My undying gratitude to Brittany and all involved with Darwin’s Ark for their communications and their dedicated work

    With all respects to the results, I think I’ll still always ask Bizzy “Who’s a good hound dog?” 🙂


    steve fekete

    It is amazing how we may notice traits or characteristics of our beloved friends once we see the results.


    kristen johnson 2

    That is funny. I thought about the Mutt Mix Project and how they had people identify other people’s dogs based on appearance. I thought it would be interested to see what people thought their own mutt’s were before testing. I don’t know many dog breeds but I have researched to try and figure out what I think my own dogs are. I have theories based on behaviors as well as appearances.


    brittney logan

    Steve, you are very welcome, and we thank you for enrolling your hound dog! 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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