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    lori martin

    I doubt my dogs Dna will ever be done? I mean almost two and a half years now?


    brittney logan

    Hi Lori,

    We apologize for the long wait, and understand your frustrations.

    I can assure you that your dogs sample remains safe and stable. Your dog is participating for free, meaning we will support the sequencing process when the funds are available. We continue to write up and apply for more grants so we can do so. We too are very eager to support our free participation samples.

    If you do not want to wait, we have provided the option for owners to support their dogs sample to be sequenced (since the sample is with us it would only be $99).

    Of course, the choice to remind participating for free or support your dogs sample is up to you!

    We thank you very much for your patience, participation and for completing the behavioral surveys, which helps us to apply for more grants!


    lisa griffis

    Do you use Embark? I heard that was the best most accurate company, especially for rare breeds or European dogs with little US presence


    brittney logan

    Hi Lisa,

    We do not use Embark, but you are more than welcome to share your dog’s Embark results with us so then we can do a comparison of their results to ours.

    If interested in sharing, please check out our blog post regarding how to go about it:

    Share your dog’s Embark Results with Darwin’s Dogs

    With our sequencing methods, we can look at over 5,000,000 markers in the DNA compared to that of Embark, which is “over 200,000”. Embark does however have more breeds in their reference panel compared to our study. As our research continues and more dogs enroll providing more DNA samples, we hope to continuously grow the number of breeds that we can identify.

    I hope this helps!



    lori martin

    How do I do the 99 dollar donation for my dogs sample?



    My dog has already done Embark, so we aren’t wondering about his breeds really, but I understand that his DNA sample may be helpful. Is that helpful for you to know in case he could be at the bottom of the list, I guess?


    angie magoon

    Mine has been waiting over 3 years now… thinking of just doing a dna test ordered online 🤔


    brittney logan


    Since we already have your dog’s DNA sample on hand, it will only be $99.00 to support it.

    Please log in and go to “My Laboratory” and under your dogs name, you will see “Order Analysis” where it will provide you with the $99.00 option.

    If you have any other questions, I am happy to help, or please email us at


    brittney logan


    Thank you for enrolling your dog in our research! You are more than welcome to share the Embark results with us, and once your dog has a Darwin’s Ark DNA sample, we can compare them!

    That is all we can really do with the Embark results though, we will need a new DNA sample from your dog for our specific research. This is because our sequencing methods look at many more markers in your dogs DNA.

    So while having the Embark results is interesting, we will still need a sample from your dog for Darwin’s Ark. You are welcome to participate on the Free Kit Waitlist or Order Analysis, however you would prefer to participate!


    brittney logan


    Thank you for enrolling all of your dogs! We apologize for the long wait for one of them, whom is participating for free. We continue to apply for more grant money to support these samples.

    There are many variables to our “waitlist” such as when the dog enrolled, how many surveys have been completed and if dog’s survey answers fit the grant that we have received. Please know that we so also pick dogs at random to be sent out in order to not bias the data.


    My results were received in December 2017 by Darwin but I still haven’t received anything. At this point I have just assumed I never will. And if I do its questionable if the results will even be accurate. It seems like having that large of a back log would make it easy to loose or mix up dna tests. It would be nice if they would post somewhere on what month and year they are currently working on.


    brittney logan

    Hi Cassandra,

    We apologies for the long wait with the free participation. As mentioned above, it is not so much a “backlog” but more so that we need to acquire more grant funding in order to support the sending out and sequencing of our free participation samples. The “wait” is also dependent on when enrolled, how many surveys have been completed, and again, if the dog is a fit for the grant approved at that time.

    We have a hardy system in place to keep track of the data and samples in our procession. The samples can remain stable and viable for years! 🙂

    Please know that this is research oriented, and we are not business run like other canine genetics tests out there.

    With that said, our sequencing methods differ from that of other test – we look at nearly 5,000,000 markers in the DNA compared to that of Embark (200,000) and Wisdom Panel (1,800).

    Again, we apologize for the long wait with the free participation, but we continue to apply for more grants to support the research and your dogs DNA sample. If you do not wish to wait any longer, we have added the option for owners to support their dogs sample for sequencing.



    any updates?


    brittney logan

    Hi Ezekiel,

    We continue to apply for more grant funding to support our free participation kits.

    Please note that in order to enroll for the Free Kit Waitlist, at least 10 behavioral surveys need to be completed for that option to become available on your dogs profile. The more behavioral surveys completed for your dog, the more likely we can prioritize getting a kit out! If you do not want to wait for our funds to support a kit for your dog, we have the option to Order a DNA kit.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know or email us directly!



    sarah wilson

    Me too. Bait and switch, no matter how many times they say they’re “waiting for funding”. If funding can’t be organized in three years, it can’t be organized and they should stop offering the free option and make good on those who already applied and answered their surveys, etc. I’d like to hear from ANYONE who actually received “free” results.

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