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    kate battista

    I just wanted to give you guys a shout out for the work you’re doing and for keeping our results up to date as you add more dogs.

    I thought the addition of apbt would finish off Chandler’s DNA but there’s still about 24% that’s unidentified. Now I’m really curious and excited to see where this goes.



    lee mcguire

    Please add my thanks to the mix! The updated results appear to be even more accurate (in terms of making sense) with the dog I knew. Boone passed away several years ago, so it’s wonderful to know that he’s still helping with research in some small way. And even more meaningful, with the updated results I was able to do a google image search for that particular mix, and came up with a doggo that looks EXACTLY like my little guy — just slightly different coloring. What’s really interesting is that she was listed for adoption in Austin, Texas… the same place I adopted Boone from more than 15 years ago! Clearly, there’s something in the water there…


    kristen johnson 2

    Kate, Your dog is beautiful! How mixed is Chandler? I feel like my Luna will always have some unknown cause she has like 13 different breeds. I imagine she has some of the non-breeds or village dogs in her. My Dexter is apparently a first generation mix and his unknown is only 10%. It is super fascinating and exciting to follow. I love that they get on here and engage with us and fill us in!


    kate battista

    Thank you! He is pretty mixed.  He’s 25% APBT, 25% Unknown, 15% Aussie, then boxer, chow, GSD, assorted collie breeds and bulldogs (all under 10% each).  I should update his photo; he finally dropped those last few pounds that were hanging on.


    kathleen morrill

    Kate — we are so glad you are enjoying it! Chandler’s unknown portion was comprised of a many tiny fractions of nonsensical breeds, below the threshold for accurate calls. We are indeed suspecting that when this happens, that it may be non-breed or village dog ancestry. One of our next big goals is to confidently call village dog ancestry. The big challenge is that village dogs are not really a breed per se, and they have massive genetic diversity across the world. So, instead of a reference panel, we may look for other genomic hallmarks and machine learning to detect it.

    Lee — we love Boone! Right now, I am re-analyzing the MuttMix survey results using the v2 results, now that we can call American Pit Bull Terrier ancestry. Boone, so far, is the best-guessed dog in the survey. His iconic Basset ancestry really shined through. 🙂


    kate battista

    Kathleen – That’s very interesting! Thanks for that tidbit. 

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