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    sarah rolseth

    I submitted 4 samples in 2016. I recieved one back. One says it is being sequenced and the other two just says the samples have been recieved. Is there a reason they were picked in the order they were? Because the one i sent in first still hasn’t been sequenced and the last 2 I sent in are the ones that have been are being sequenced.


    brittney logan

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes there are a few reason to why one of your dogs has been sent out for sequencing. The main reason being, we want to look at dogs that are on both ends of the spectrum when asking a participate question about a behavior. So in your case, your dog was prioritized because he was useful to help us better investigate a question we were asking. I hope this helps!


    kristen johnson 2

    Oh that’s interesting……that explains why my Dexter was tested before my other dog. I can imagine you will learn lots from him. Lol. Learning that he was Australian Cattle Dog (which I assumed) makes so much sense because when reading up on them I found that “many of cattle dog’s natural behaviours are undesirable in a pet: barking, chewing, chasing, digging, defending territory, and nipping heels.” The description of this breed is so him…..which is interesting because that would likely mean that his behaviors are a result of genetics.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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