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    brittney logan

    Hi Ellen,

    Once the sample its sent out to be sequenced, it usually takes around 90-120 days until we received back the raw data. Then, we can create and upload your dogs results to his/her profile.

    Hope this helps!



    ellen watkins

    How long after it showed your Sample is being sequenced did you get your results?


    lyn mikel brown

    Hmmm. We’ve been waiting much longer. We sent in the kit in Feb 2017 and it’s been close to a year since we received that message. Does this have to do with the number of comparison DNA samples?


    brittney logan

    Hi Lyn,

    My apologies, I should have been more specific in my first reply. The wait time can vary depending on how your are participating.

    Since Darwin’s Ark is research based , we run strictly off of grant money, limiting how many free participation samples can processed at a time. To combat the wait time issue, we made Darwin’s Ark into a non-profit, creating new participation levels.

    Owners choosing the Free Participation Waitlist, will have their dogs DNA sequenced by our grant money. This takes time and is limited, but we continue to keep applying for more to support these samples.

    If owners don’t want to wait for grant money, they can choose the Explorer Level where they themselves fund their dogs DNA to be sequenced. The sample goes to the lab right away, and this is where it takes about 90-120 days for results. Owners participating for free can click on “Order DNA Analysis” on their dogs profile ($99.00 if we have sample) if they would rather join the Explorer level.

    We have more information about our participation levels on our FAQ, but I hope this helps to better explain the wait.


    Thank you very much for your participation and patience.


    sarah rolseth

    It took about 3 years before we got results and there are still a large percentage of unknown with all of our dogs since they are still aquiring breeds.


    amy davis 2

    I have been waiting 2 years. I started my process before you could pay to have it go quicker. It is very disappointing. At this point what’s another 2 more years haha.


    maria moser

    Mine has been awaiting sequencing since January 2017 🙁


    brittney logan

    As we fight for every grant dollar to pay for the free kits, one way for us to make some headway in the research is to provide the opportunity to pay for kits, or for others’ kits (our new gifting option).

    As we gain more data, our ability to apply for a wider range of grants increases. The more data from our citizen scientist helps us apply for grants, which in turn, pays for more free kits each year!

    Our goal is to be granted enough funds to process ALL of the kits that have been submitted. Not only do we want to continue our research, but we also very much want to get all our participants the information and insight that they deserve, helping all dogs and people in the future.

    We completely understand the frustration – please believe me when I say we are frustrated as well. We would much rather be able to sequence all of the samples right away, not only for the research, but for our participants.

    Thank you all for your amazing patience and support.

    We cannot do it without all of you!


    lindsay gaudet

    Two of my dogs were among the first round of test kits to go out; it took about a year for their samples to be sequenced, and another year after sequencing was completed before any results were posted. (Part of it I’m sure is that the results section of the website hadn’t been developed yet).

    I work in health research myself, so I already knew that science is just not a fast process…. but it didn’t make me any less impatient to get the results, haha!


    julie bynum

    We have two dogs, both samples were submitted in Jan 2017. One was processed dirty quickly, while the other is still waiting to be processed.

    I have learned to just be patient.


    shannon rogers

    My samples have been sitting for just over 3 years. I was hoping that maybe, since 2 of them are Cardigan Welsh Corgis, they’d be processed in an effort to help you build your database since you don’t have that breed listed. Our other dog is a mystery, so while I’m super curious just to know for sure that what we suspect is what she is, I understand why that might take longer. I’ve completed almost all the surveys for them as well. I guess I’ll go fill in the rest, in the spirit of helping science and, one day, I’ll find out what our doggies’ ancestry all is.


    brittney logan

    Hello all,

    We apologize for the varying wait times. Our research is grant funded, so it can certainly take time to support all of the free participation samples.

    Being grant funded means, at times, we are limited as to how many samples we can send out for sequencing. We must ensuring that we send out certain samples that meet the grant criteria.

    For example, a recent grant of ours focused on food allergies, so we needed to ensure a portion of the samples sent were dogs with allergies. We also, need to make sure we send out samples at random, so that we are not to bias our results.

    This makes for a somewhat unpredictable timeline of sending out our free participation samples.

    In order for our research to support and send out more samples, we continue to apply for more grants. The behavioral surveys that all of you have filled out for your dog(s), are immensely helping us to propose more studies based on YOUR data!

    It all comes full circle, your dog’s behavioral data provides interesting hypothesis for grants. In return, we receive more money to sequenced your dogs DNA sample, which provides more genetic data for the study! Our goal is not only to tell you about your dogs ancestry and genetic make-up, but to find correlations between your dog’s behaviors and genetics. As the research continues on, the more updates we will have for all of you.

    Research takes time, and we apologize for the long wait, but we can assure you it is for a wonderful cause, to better understand our four-legged best friends!

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