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    becky bowen

    I just got Pippi’s results–almost like a birthday present as her 7th birthday was yesterday! It said it “matched 94.8% of her ancestry to Pug.” I was a little surprised. I knew both of her parents were pugs but I thought something else might have shown up because she doesn’t look like the typical pug–longer nose, longer body, little bit taller. If there was a beagle, for example, thrown in the mix somewhere back in the line, would that account for the difference? Would that show up in Pippi? Or is it more likely just poor breeding?

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    kathleen morrill

    Happy birthday, Pippi PugStocking!

    Seeing as Pippi is 94.8% Pug and certainty for that match is 97.1%, we are confident she’s a Pug! We’d likely detect other breeds in her results at a higher percentage if they had been mixed into her pedigree recently.

    Her looks may just be within the normal variation of Pugs. I saw a post recently on a dog DNA testing forum about a Pug like yours — longer nose, longer body, and taller — who also tested 100% Pug.

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    allison miller

    Maybe your Pippi is showing traits of more distant pug ancestors? I read an article recently about how breeds have changed in appearance over the last several decades–selective breeding to make noses shorter etc. maybe she looks more like an old timey Pug!

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