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    This survey has been used by researchers to conclude in breed specific behaviours.
    I think the questions are not that well made up for those conclusions. They are far too general amd far too interpretable by the one who makes the survey.
    I think you could do a lot better and a lot more specific , so conclusions are more founded then they are now.

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    brittney logan

    Hi Simone,

    We respect your opinion and thank you for sharing.

    Our surveys were created via many validated surveys such as:

    Dog Personality Questionnaire (Jones 2009)
    Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Rating Scale (Salvin 2010)
    Dog Impulsivity Assessment Scale (Wright 2011)
    Canine Health and Quality of Life Survey (Lavan 2013)
    Dog Obesity Risk Assessment (Raffan 2015)

    In addition, we collaborate with the IAABC Foundation, made up of professional dog behaviorist to create additional questions. To conduct this type of research we need a vast amount of data, and we believe the best way to collect it is by the owners who know their dog best!

    I hope this helps,

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    I just finished answering the entire survey and thought the questions were really high quality. While individual questions were sometimes very general (“my dog is playful” or whatever) the underlying complex traits can be discerned through correlations among several different simple answers.

    I only recall one somewhat ambivalent question (“how much time alone?”) where it was not clear what was being asked. Alone from human company or from all animals? My dog spends less that 1 hour per week truly alone but at least six hours per day away from humans but with other animals (dogs, barnyard).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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