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    jasmin wieczorek

    I’m posting to inform DA that the results for my dogs Kovu Quasimodo, Toa Jean, & Koga Taine are all incorrect. My dogs are New Guinea Singing Dogs and I believe that the list needs updated because I couldn’t even inform DA that the breeds were incorrect on the site because the New Guinea Singing Dog isn’t on the list of purebred dogs.
    I have met my dogs parents, grandparents, and their breeders. I also have Embark results on all three of the dogs. I have included their Embark results below. You may click on each of the three links as proof.




    Could DA add New Guinea Singing Dogs to the DNA database and breed list as all NGSD will have the same DNA due to all being descended from one pair?


    brittney logan

    Hi Jasmin,

    We completely believe that your dogs are pure NGSDs, I recall us chatting before sending out the samples. We had them noted in our database as NGSDs. 🙂

    Currently, we are working to expand out reference panel, but it is not easy. We need at least 12 pure bred dogs of each breed to start, and your dogs are helping us to get closer! They are such an interesting population and hopefully in the future they will also help us to better understand European canines.

    We have a blog post about the results, and I think it will help provide more information about what you are seeing.

    All about ancestry: your dog’s results and what they mean

    As our reference panel grows, we will rerun the data and update results, so this certainly is not the final outcome. Another goal of ours is also to find correlations between behavior and genetics, and having them in our research is going to be very interesting! We thank you very much for participating, the information provided by your dogs is very valuable to our research.


    kathleen morrill

    Hi Jasmin,

    Thank you for notifying us about the missing field for New Guinea Singing Dog in the feedback section — I’ll see that this gets updated, as it will be important for recruiting enough dogs to construct and update the breed reference panel.

    Right now, we have 5 published samples from NGSDs, as well as 4 other NGSDs enrolled in Darwin’s Dogs (in addition to your dogs).

    We aim to have 12 dogs to complete the panel for NGSD, even if they’re descended from a single pair, so that we can sufficiently cover any genetic variation that established throughout the population’s history. Your dogs will help us reach this goal, so thank you very much for your participation.



    jasmin wieczorek

    Sorry I think my phone had a typo. There are a few singers that have created the gene pool for the singers of today. But you sort of caught what I was saying. Thanks for your feedback.

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