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    1) Your surveys could differentiate between beavior towards dogs in the same household and unknown dogs, as well as behavior when walking on their own in comparison to walking together with their fellow dog.
    My dogs hate most other dogs when they are together, and it seems to come from the female boss. However, if she is without her pal, she accepts males with certain physical traits . When he has been without her for a few days, he becomes quite a social dog accepting both females and males. He even has a secret girlfriend he half-heartedly barks at when his lady is with him ( otherwise she’d bite him).
    Also, their behavior changes depending on who is with them. The female is a total people person when with me, but gets quite reserved when she is staying with my parents. The dogs can sleep right next to each other when I’m not home, but get jealous over the best sleeping places and even want to sleep in different rooms when I’m there.
    Also, their training efficiency depends on each other. The female is fearless, but slow. The male is clever, but easily frightened, especially by sounds. He learns by watching and thinking, she usually does not, but is earger to try anything. Sometimes she outsmarts us all, though. ( She once pretended to have the same issues being touched by a trainer as her pal because she saw how her man got a treat for every small step closer. The goal was to measure their faces for muzzles. We ended up not having him measured and her having eaten the whole jar of treats.)
    2) It also might be interesting to ask for medical problems following cancer. My girl has a kidney insufficiency now and the vet said that this occurs quite frequently after cancer.

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