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    Hi, saw you had relaunched and was looking around, I realize you must be busy so i dont expect a speedy answer but I had a couple of questions 🙂

    My dog Beau was one of the first kits submitted, when you were asking for dogs within UMass. He is showing up as never having had a kit, is this just part of the transition or was his original sample not useable?

    Also I retook some surveys for my mini poodle as he has become very dog reactive and has had some reactivity to human handling after maturity/getting a lot of vet care for a severe illness and went ahead and tried. I had some issues as it opened at the end of the survey, not the beginning, so didn’t realize hitting “submit” would submit it all after only seeing one question.

    One other small note is you only have standard poodle and poodle, no mini or toy 😉

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    jessica hekman

    Thanks for checking in, Catherine! I’m going to email you and we’ll get this straightened out that way.

    And I’ve made a note – we’ll get those additional poodle breeds on our list; thanks for pointing it out!

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    tracy siligmueller

    I am having the same issue – I received a kit in the mail within the first year (or even less) of the study launch, but on my profile the kit doesn’t show up. I submitted it recently – maybe 6 months ago (I had to wait while he was sedated during a veterinary procedure to collect the sample).

    Thank you so much!

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    brittney logan

    Hi Tracy,

    We will look into that for you!

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