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    kristine woolley

    Hi, I submitted dna kits for 4 dogs back in 2016. I was throughly excited to help in every way possible. I use to keep current on any questions and survey posted. Then I became discouraged.

    To date, my kits remain untouched, including 2 of my dog who are no longer here. While I am aware, understand, and have been patient, because research needs funding, it appears we were made empty promises.
    The company continues their research and new ones, but haven’t managed to process one dna kit, let alone all 4, in a reasonable period of time.
    I’d like to know, if the kits will ever be processed? Please do not reply with you can pay for the results, as that was not part of the agreement I entered into, in fact it wasn’t even an option.

    Please forgive my frustrations shown above, I appreciate your understanding of your participants feeling neglected.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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