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    sean plasynski

    It has been around two years since I completed all surveys and still no kit for even submitting the DNA sample. How long does it take to get the kit?


    brittney logan

    Hi Sean, we apologize for the long wait. Did you happen to make a new profile with us? We have you as enrolling quite recently.

    We do have the Free Kit Waitlist, which is what you have chosen. With that waitlist, it depends on when you enrolled and how many surveys have been completed. The waitlist is quite long as we have thousands of participants. We have now partnered with another company though to help handle sending out DNA kits, so things are moving along much more smoothly now!

    If you do not want to wait any longer, we now have other participation options so that you can fund your dogs DNA kit and sample so that you get results much faster! Information about other participation options are located on our FAQ page and on your dog profile.

    I hope this helps, thank you for your patience and participation in our study!

    If you have any other questions about your profile or dog, please email us directly at


    john russell

    I too have been waiting a couple years, understand there’s a wait list. … I on it? Thanks


    brittney logan

    Hi John,

    I will be sending you an email about your dogs DNA kit.

    Any questions regarding the status of your dogs kit or other personal question that our participant have, we would like to move to

    Thank you!


    kristen johnson 2

    If you fund your dogs DNA kit the money would go towards the study instead of just some companies profit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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