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    judith ehlert

    Nicky was in care of naturopathic vet after conventional diagnosis. Tumor in his mouth grew unbelievably fast after biopsy. All over one side of mouth and walnut size part of tumor hanging outside of mouth. Two vets said put him down. I got black salve (Two Feathers) and rubbed it on outside part of tumor twice daily and made him stay for as long as possible, maybe five minutes. He then spit it all over (it tastes bad). Also, gave it internally. Naturopathic vet said tumor was going into apoptosis after only about a month or less. It took about 3 months of therapy. A year later he developed tumor on leg and I did same thing and it disappeared. After cancer diagnosis, he lived about 4 more years and died at age 14. Two vets started using the black salve with great success. Prior to tumors he had taken huge amount of steroids for blood condition which I believe opened the door for cancer. I did get him off steroids, but it took a year and conventional vets suggested I not even try. I had been giving him organic kibble and changed to raw food from Darwins suggested by vet. I have pictures of the whole process of tumor in mouth at it’s peak and the process of apoptosis. Wish I could attach them. Hope this helps somebody.

    My new dog is getting all raw food. Watch the documentary Pet Fooled about pet food industry.



    Thank you for sharing this story. My dog had brain cancer and went through radiation therapy which was very successful. However without holistic care after his treatment he would not be alive today. I think that the pet food industry is a scam. Feeding a dog kibble is like a human being eating fast food for every meal for their entire life. It’s not good for humans and it’s not good for dogs. He goes for acupuncture and has taken herbs in addition to the radiation therapy. While traditional veterinary care has some things to offer, the treatments are often .toxic. It was only my holistic veterinarian who helped him survive 2 1/2 years now post treatment

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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