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    dawn miller

    I always enjoy adding to the combined knowledge from these owner’s surveys. One thing about this latest batch about feeding and appetite are the questions about “human food”. It doesn’t seem to make a distinction between table scraps, tidbits while preparing food and human foods that are a part of the normal diet. With the changes in the dog food industry, it is not uncommon for people to feed human grade foods and / or kibble as the norm. For instance my dogs get a slice of apple most mornings as well as a boiled egg with their breakfast. One gets a carrot for “desert” after dinner and both get a bit of peanut butter (no sugar, just peanuts and salt) in the evening. I’ll also drop a bit of meat into their dinner kibble on occasion. But I try to keep calories in mind and avoid things like pizza crusts. (yeah, I had one dog who’s previous owners used to share their pizza with her).
    I did make a comment in the survey.
    just food for thought 😉

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    brittney logan

    Great information car2ner, thank you! You make a very good point here, and we will make sure to look at the survey comments carefully when assessing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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