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    lauren martinico

    Hello, wondering if there is an estimated turnaround time on the results once the dna kit status says “Sample has been sequenced and is being analyzed”? Her kit was submitted back in 2016, but is now being analyzed as of last month. Just curious when the final results will likely be available!


    brittney logan

    Hi Lauren,

    To generally answer that questions, it depends upon which participation level you choose. Free participation level it will take quite sometime, but Trailblazer and Explorer level will receive the results much faster since they go out for sequencing right away.

    As for your dogs personal results, we are currently working on getting the formatting right on the webpage so that we can upload the results to your dogs Darwin’s Ark profile! We hope to have the results up for dogs that have been sequenced in the very near future once we have it running smoothly!


    lauren martinico

    Thank you! Will there be an email notification sent out that there has been a status update/results of sequencing posted to Cali’s profile, or do I just have to check back regularly?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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