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    Our dog Taz loves to dive head first into the lawn then roll around on his back when he first gets outside and then several other times during a walk or play time in the yard.
    Have others reported this behavior?



    It sounds like maybe you’re describing scent rolling? That’s a wolf behavior which many dogs retain. Our mutt is an extremely enthusiastic scent roller as well. My understanding is that it’s really not all that clear from the existing research what purposes it serves in wolves. The most common theory seems to be that it may be a way to carry important scent discoveries back to the pack (food, rivals, dangers, mysterious novelties etc.), although wolves will scent roll when the whole pack is together too, and apparently individual wolves also vary quite a bit as to which scents they find worthy of rolling in, so that may not be a fully adequate explanation. Anyway, there are lots of videos out there of both dogs and wolves scent rolling, so you could check those to confirm if that’s what Taz is doing.



    Thanks! Yes, that’s it. Although, thankfully for us, he doesn’t do it in things that stink to us, I.e. no smelly fish or other carcasses, rather in open field or yard spaces and even just outside the door when he first goes out in the morning.



    My dog Lucky loves to just relax on the grass while holding a rock in his mouth. Occasionally he will drop the rock or be searching for one and he is unable to just pick it up. He digs at it to roll it into position with his front paws. When he is really excited and trying to behave he will often find a much larger stone that he just licks and licks and licks. Any ideas what this is about?



    Our Flat coated Retriever loved to roll in smelly stuff – especially after a bath. Our Great Pyrenees rarely does, but has on occasion. I don’t recall our Field Springer doing it very often, or any other dog we’ve owned. Our Pyr Puppy has not done it yet.


    bill gerry

    Our 10 year Golden, Sage, has just started this happy, rolling back rub exercises these past 2-3 months when she was finally able to access the back yard. The spring rains here in Vancouver had much of our lawns a swamp. She will roll on any lawn in our walks, including the ‘gravelly’ grounds at a beach park. Crazy happy semi growls happen the same time



    Lucky, my dog, enjoys lying back on the grass with a rock in his jaws.

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