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    karen cumella

    Not sure if my DNA results will ever be reported. I ordered my DNA Kit on Sept 14, 2017. My swab sample was recorded
    on Feb 08, 2018. I have not yet received any DNA results. If the results are not going to be sent, I would like to be notified and I will seek out another option for the DNA results.

    Thank you,


    brittney logan

    Hi Karen,

    We apologize for the long wait. There are many factors that have been playing into the wait time such as grant money (since we are purely research bases) and determining the best methods in order to provide you with the most information about your dog. In order to combat this wait time issue, we have become a non-profit with new options for our participants! 🙂

    Please check out our FAQ page for more information about our various participation levels.


    (please note that if you decide to participate by funding your dogs sample, we already have the saliva sample here so it will only be $99.00)

    I hope this helps,


    merry ward

    I completed surveys April/early May 2018. I logged in today and was asked to add myself to the waitlist. Does this mean I am now at the bottom of the pack? or rather am I on the list as of the day I completed the surveys?
    Thank you.
    M. Ward and Lucky


    brittney logan

    Hi Merry,

    No you are not at the bottom of the waitlist, we just needed to know how you wanted to participate since we have new options. 🙂

    You spot remains the same, as go from the dates that you enrolled and completed the surveys.


    sally sutera

    I sent my test two years ago and have completed every questionnaire asked. The status says “sequencing”. How long before I will have results?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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