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    Welcome to Darwin’s Ark – the largest Citizen Science project in the world focusing on animal DNA sequencing!
    This is a community of scientists and pet owners (the scientists are pet owners too), seeking to learn ways toward better health for pets and their humans.
    Here we’ll share the excitement – and sometimes frustration – of the scientific process of discovery. Each step forward will lead to more questions, and we’ll be able to let community members know about new surveys, new findings, new projects we’re involved in, and cool stuff we discover.
    RULES FOR PARTICIPATION: We strongly believe in honest, direct communication. Citizen Science is pretty new, and making things clear to people with different expectations is hard!
    ***We can’t answer personal results or account questions here.*** If you have any questions about your dog’s testing kit or test results, feel free to write to us at
    We require that all visitors remain respectful, courteous and friendly in their communications.
    We require that all visitors be respectful of the contributions of each member of our community, from participants to scientists to volunteers, and of course when discussing the animals we share our lives with.
    By becoming a non-profit (and we really are NON profit!), we hope to help those wanting their results sooner with for-pay sequencing options, offering DNA testing without the wait for funding, which can take a really long time.
    We are absolutely still offering the free sequencing, which relies on grant funding. Please be aware that funding can take years to come through. We wish that weren’t so!
    You can find out more at

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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