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    michelle greene

    My dogs level of excitement, aggression and behavior have changed significantly over time with age, experiences and training. Should I retake certain surveys to reflect this?


    brittney logan

    Hi Michelle,

    Yes you are more than welcome to retake the surveys if you feel your dogs behavior has changed!

    To retake any of the surveys, please first go to “My Laboratory” and on your dogs profile you will see on the right hand side “View Surveys”. A list of all 21 surveys will appear below, and you will see in pink test “re-take”.

    Thank you for checking in with us first! Have fun!


    brittney logan

    As a side note (not saying you need this Michelle), if any of our participants are experiencing difficulties with training or have noticed drastic changes in their dogs behaviors that are a concern, we have been working closely with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

    The IAABC has behavioral consultants around the world, who are highly trained and happy to help you and you best friend!


    lindsay gaudet

    When you retake a survey, are both the old and the new answers maintained in your dataset? If so, are there any plans to look at the role of genetics in how behaviour may change over time, for example, how elastic behaviour could be with training?


    kathleen morrill

    Hi Lindsay,

    Insightful question — that is exactly what we do: both old and new answers are saved with a timestamp. Another student and I will soon be mining survey data to determine the age (or approximate age) of dogs when their owner gave a survey response. This will be quite important for surveys that relate to canine age-related cognitive decline.

    We have more plans to track changes in behavior over time, such as encouraging owners who register puppies to return for new surveys as their dog ages.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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