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    maren williams

    The recent addition of American Pit Bull Terrier to the Darwin’s Ark reference panel confirms my long-held suspicion that my dog Lola is probably a first-generation cross of APBT and Miniature Schnauzer. (We had previously done a commercial DNA test which showed 50/50 Schnauzer and American Staffordshire, as that was the closest breed available in that particular database. Lola is only ~20 lbs so I surmised that her pit parent was likely a bit smaller than a 62-88 lb Am Staff.)

    Just wondering if there are any other examplars of this improbable combination around here!


    kristen johnson 2

    Wow. That is an improbable combination! Interesting. My Dexter is a first generation cross between Australian Cattle Dog and Jack Russell Terrier. Not quite that improbable I guess……sure does make for a cute dog! I bet yours is as well!



    Through Embark my boy Jasper has both American Pit Bull Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer – along with Chow, Lab, German Shepherd and Perro de Presa Canario. Wisdom had the same combo but it was American Staffordshire and no mastiff.

    We joke that it had to have been the bravest Miniature Schnauzer in Puerto Rico (where he was born).



    Not Mini Schnaus, but purported/presumed APBT x Jack mixes aren’t uncommon at the city shelter I volunteer with, and I’d guess the temperament would probably be fairly similar? Both APBTs and Jacks are very common around here, so I assume most of these mixes are one-off oopsies, since it seems unlikely there’d be much of a market for pit x terrier crosses specifically. From what I’ve seen they’re usually a bit more easygoing than a pure Jack, but with just as much prey drive and a bit more tendency to be dog-aggressive. Game-bred APBTs can run pretty small; 30ish-40ish lbs. isn’t unusual here. Mini Schnaus aren’t quite as popular as they used to be–AKC top 20 now, down from top 10 in the late 20th century–although that probably varies widely by area; I seldom see them locally. I assume your dog has the wiry/bearded coat, always thought that looks cute on pit mixes.


    lisa lundgren

    YES! We are still awaiting our Darwin’s results, but my Braidy had some previous testing. We thought he was a Wheaton? A Westie mix? Some sort of designer dog?? His previous results showed him as 1/2 mini schnauzer (I can only assume Dad), 1/4 Bull Terrier and 1/4 AmStaff. So basically 1/2 mini schnauzer and 1/2 ptt. He’s a Bull Schpitt! He’s a 45 lb fluffy bit of pure muscle and the sweetest, besest, doggo in the world.



    My Dexter is a first generation cross between Australian Cattle Dog and Jack Russell Terrier.

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