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    flora hradetzky

    I read that Darwin’s Dogs is participating an allergy study utilizing the information of current participants…I am interested in involving my dog but could not find the link to enter participation. My Lab may be allergic since she has developed multiple skin problems. Vet said to stop feeding grain, beef or chicken – which I did but her symptoms have not improved. Her sister is allergic to Turkey so I stopped feeding that; her bother is allergic to shellfish so I stopped the Krill oil supplement recommended! Goldie’s symptoms started when we moved, while she was on salmon kibble- so I stopped feeding salmon also….there is not much left at this point but I’m still searching for an answer!


    brittney logan

    Hi Flora, I see that you have completed all of the Darwin’s Dogs surveys. The survey “A Dog’s Breakfast” is the survey we are referring to for the allergy survey. There are places to make comments on the surveys if you would like to specify and give us more information about your dogs allergies. Thank you for your participation!


    george helfrich

    Sounds like you are at wits end trying to pin down what to feed your dogs. I personally have not used it, but might I suggest Nutriscan by Dr. Jean Dodds at It’s a simple saliva scan to enable you to know what foods your dogs are sensitive to. Best of luck.


    lindsay gaudet

    If the symptoms started when you moved, is it possible the allergen is environmental, and not food?


    candace peterson

    Environmental, food, even cohabiting animals can cause allergies. And when you include autoimmune responses things get really tricky. I know a dog whose Vet told her she was allergic to cat dander. (Her best friend was a cat.)
    Pollen, mold, fertilizer, weed killer, all of these can cause reactions. I agree that it sounds environmental since it started with a geographical change. There could be mold. Or fleas.
    Maybe parasites are much worse in the new environment, and it only takes one bite to cause skin flare ups.
    Check for trees that were not common in your old neighborhood, watch the pollen count and keep record of changes outside that coincide with your dog’s reactions. (Or lack of.) Feed water packed sardines! They do not live long enough to gather metals or toxins, they are not processed like oils, and are way more fresh than supplements. My dog drinks the sardine water and gobbles up the little sardines. Be sure and get water packed!! The cans are around $1.00 in the grocery store and you know that it is human grade. Win! Win!


    steffany homolka

    I had my Great Dane Violet allergy tested with Heska ( and she’s allergic to many things, mostly dust and storage mites and several types of plants. They listed foods that she may be allergic to but, as I understand it, this part of the results are less accurate. Do you want a copy of her allergy test results? If so, where should I send it?


    brittney logan

    Hi Steffany, that is very interesting! I hope your dog is doing okay! Once we have assessed the allergy data we may certainly be interested in seeing what information owner have about their dogs’ allergies. For now that we will wait to receive that information. We will let you know when and where to send it when the time comes! Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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