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    eric goebelbecker

    When I answered the question regarding how long my dog spends in a crate, I included her overnight time. So I said 10 hours. (8 hours overnight, plus 2 hours in the afternoon.)

    Looking at the review, I see the average is 2 hours, so it seems like I was not supposed to include the overnight time?


    andrea chavarria

    2 of my dogs just like to go into their crate my one dog gizmo he’s the older of my 3 and the father to ambrosia just likes to go into the crate randomly to lay down. he just started doing this more since he got older. Ambrosia will also do this and lay with him. But I personally don’t consider this to crate time since I do not lock the door on them.. but i did put this down as crate time should I have not considered this crate time?


    jesse mcclure

    **Eric**, including the overnight time sounds right. The *average* time spent in a crate is under 2 hours, but the average (as arithmetic mean) is not the best representation of these data as they do not follow a normal “bell curve” distribution. Many dogs have more than 8 hours per day in a crate for that question – and there is a very large overlap with these dogs and those dogs who are said to sleep in a crate. It just turns out that only about 10% of our dogs sleep in a crate overnight, so those ~8 hours for all those dogs doesn’t have a huge impact on the overall average. In otherwords the “average” is about 2 hours, but this is because around 10% of our dogs spend 10 or so hours a day in a crate because they sleep there, while many others are rarely or never crated at all.

    On a related metric, a vast majority of dogs listed as sleeping in a crate overnight also have 8 or more hours per day in a crate – so most of our participants are answering that question in the same way you did. There do seem to be some exceptions, but that should not matter in the long run.

    **Andrea**, I think that could just as well be counted as crate time or not as crate time. So it should be fine as is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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