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    maureen crowe

    Hi team,
    May I assume our objective with the saliva collection is to get the sponge saturated? Does it matter how long it takes? Hoping to get in and out quick with this as Emma is not a fan of stuff in her mouth. Unless it is food of course.
    Maureen and Emma


    brittney logan

    Hi Maureen, it would great to have the swab in the dogs mouth for about 30 seconds. We know that there will be dogs that are not a fan of the situation and in that case, if you only get the swab in for a few seconds remove it and then try again that could work. Some dogs will be more difficult than others, but please don’t be forceful with your dog, as that will make it a bad experience for you and your dog. As long as there seems to be saliva on the swab, and put it into the solution, you should be fine!


    hazel beeler

    I FINALLY got Bear’s kit last week, and he was extremely uncooperative about the swabbing–the swab fell on the ground and the preservative spilled!! I noted this on the release form, so if that renders the sample useless, you won’t go to the expense of analyzing it. I gather I will eventually get a new kit for him if the sample is no good, but after waiting all that time, I am dismayed. Next time, I’ll make sure to have help holding that bouncy guy and keeping him under control.

    — Hazel


    rhonda floyd

    Even though they had not eaten since the night before, my long haired girls’ swabs turned a little orange from the sweet potato they had for dinner. My husband says that their dna will show they are part sweet potato! Giggle ????


    brittney logan

    Hi Rhonda, now worries! We should most definitely be able to pull out their DNA from the saliva. Thank you for letting us know!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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