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    karolyn zimmerman 2

    I would like to see more participants. We know there are thousands of dogs whose humans would love to participate if they only heard about it. I urge every member to Post, Tweet, and otherwise social message and advertise this wonderful scientific endeavor involving our beloved companions. Let the Research Begin!!! Please share this site.

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    dawn miller

    I’m looking forward to posting any results they send me someday. In the meantime the team posts some nifty articles that I’ll reshare.
    I agree, more people might be interested if they knew about this.

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    brittney logan

    Thank you Karolyn and car2ner! We greatly appreciate your support. Please visit our social media links located at the bottom right hand corner of this page and feel free to post, tweet and share! We also have a vastly growing Doggie Participant Wall here at Umass, so please send us some pictures of your Darwin’s Dog so we can add them to our wall! You can post a picture of your pup on our social media pages or send a picture with your DNA kit. We usually take a picture of the updated wall every once and a while to show our participants. Lastly, you can enroll your Darwin’s Dogs to become dog of the month! To do so, click on the “DOGS” tab, located at the top of this page to enroll or see some of the dogs that are already enrolled. Again, thank you for the support!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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