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    jennifer moniello

    Hi there. I received Hermione’s kit in the mail in April and returned it within a few days. It says it’s still be processed for mail. Should I be concerned it got lost on the return trip?



    brittney logan

    Hi Jennifer, no you do not have to worry it is here. We have had such a large amount of kits coming in at once that we just have not gotten to all of them to be scanned in and processed. We are hoping to catch up this week! Thank you for checking in.


    kristen johnson 2

    Jennifer I love your dogs name! I have my dog’s in classes and there is a Golden Retriever named Snitch……a Golden Snitch! I love it. Too cute! I have a dog named Luna. 🙂


    geri rhosen

    Hi, Im new to the site. HOw do I receive a kit for my guy?


    brittney logan

    Hi Geri,

    In order to become eligible to receive a kit, please fill out at least 10/21 of the behavior surveys on your dogs profile. We do encourage participants to fill out all 21 though so that we have ample information about your dog. Once you have completed the surveys and have a mailing address on your profile, you will automatically go into our queue to receive a DNA kit. Please know that we are a bit backlogged and there is a waiting list depending upon when people enrolled and became eligible. We are doing the best we can to get kits out to all eligible participants, but we kindly ask for your patience since we are a grant funded research group.


    scott jackson

    Never received a DNA kit yet, it’s been about 5 months or so.


    brittney logan

    Hi Scott, I have checked your information and you are eligible for a kit. We apologize for the long wait. We had run out of our original stock of kits and had to order more. They will be ready very soon to be sent our to waiting participants! We appreciate your patiences, thank you.


    laura jablonski

    Hi Brittney-

    I never received a kit either. I completed everything in April.


    susan rees

    Just curious but approximately when should I receive information from my dog’s DNA test? I submitted his sample in May 2017. Appreciate your work on this interesting study.


    nirali dwinell

    Hello –
    Approximately when should I receive information from my dog’s DNA test? I submitted his sample in Sept 2017? and will it be coming through email?


    Hi Susan and Nirali,
    Please know that we do plan on sharing your dog/s results with you but since we are a non-profit we can only sequence the samples in batches as our funding comes in. So we, unfortunately, do not have a set timeline. We just have launched our new website that does allow those who wish to get their dogs results sooner to make a donation which allows us to speed up the process.


    mary iovino

    Hello, I sent Izzy’s DNA kit back months ago, and it says it hasn’t been mailed?? Can you tell me if you have it please, just worried it might not have made it back to you.
    Thank you So much😊,Mary Iovino


    kay rosswog

    I finished the 21 surveys a few months ago before the website changed. I was waiting for my DNA tests. Now I had to indicate that I wanted to receive the free kit and was put on a wait list. I feel like I am going to have to wait longer since I just saw now that I had to indicate what I wanted.


    kathleen morrill

    Kay —

    The wait list indication is something everyone who hasn’t yet received a kit since the new website launch will need to indicate. On the plus side, the kit should actually come to you faster now that we use a third party shipper to send kits, rather than by hand.


    scott jackson

    It’s been another month, any idea if it’s coming?

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