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    rebecca rice


    Well, I just tried to get the DNA sample, and ran into some issues that I thought I would raise. Number 1, I have a small, 9.5 pound dog. The instructions say to use the swab in areas where saliva naturally gathers (such as the corner of the mouth), and to not “scrape” the mouth. That swab is way too big to do that in a dog this size. When I tried, I found that the swab filled most of her mouth, so I do not know how good my sample is going to be. For anyone with small (and, to be fair, squirmy-don’t-want-my-mouth-messed-with) dogs, I would strongly suggest practicing the technique with something like q-tips or a toothbrush before trying the real thing. I’d spend the time waiting for the kit to try and get your dog used to the idea.

    I did previously manage to do a Wisdom panel on her. If this sample is too contaminated to use, is there some way of you using their information (assuming I give them the appropriate release forms, etc)? Just want to get you the best information that I can for your study.

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    jesse mcclure

    Rebecca, that should be no problem at all. There are undoubtedly going to be skin cells and all sorts of other stuff in *all* the samples. The instructions are really just to distinguish this from other collection kits where the goal is to get skin cells. These kits get the best DNA from saliva itself, not the dead skin cells – so the goal is to soak up saliva.

    We’ve used these kits well on small pups:

    ![puppy and swab 1](
    ![puppy and swab 2](

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