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Thanks both Jessica and Kathleen. (This is all very interesting!)

For this statement:

We also use a different type of machine learning algorithm than Embark, which may introduce some differences. Our method is very similar to the approach that the human genetics test 23andMe uses. In the long term, I’d like to do some comparisons between ancestry calling methods and see what works better on mixed breed dogs.

Is the implication, accuracy? Assessing more markers? Both? I am not a scientist and as such, my thought is: “it’s either half Golden or it’s not.’

As I said in a previous comment – if something is super analyzed, then do you ‘find’ that say, two generations back a breeder bought a dog that was really only 95% Golden… (or similar), and so then that dog’s offpring were not 100% Golden and so on.

This is all out of curiosity – I could care less about the pedigree other than the fact that my southern kill shelter dog potentially came from two full-blooded dogs! (The same is partially true w/ my other dog I had tested. DA was confused by her, and Embark tells me she’s full Lab on one side – and related to dozens of purebreds on the site…) Let me know if you want to see her results.