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Do Bee’s Embark “Family Tree” results correspond fully to her “Summary” bar graph? I.e., does the tree show 4 great-grandparents labeled “Golden Retriever” and 4 labeled “Bloodhound?” Or is one or more of them possibly labeled “Golden Retriever mix” or “Bloodhound mix?” Because sometimes Embark tweaks those Summary bar graph numbers a bit to make them add up to 100, even when the family tree suggests otherwise. This happened with my dog, actually–the Embark breed %s I’m quoting for her are taken from her Summary, but her Summary actually just says “9.1% Shetland Sheepdog,” whereas on her family tree, one great-grandparent is labeled “Shetland Sheepdog mix,” which confused me because all the other breeds they’d called were already represented on her tree as purebred GGs, and the Summary numbers added up to 100, implying that all DNA had been accounted for. I emailed them and they said her family tree was more accurate in that respect, that in fact they were seeing some too-mixed-to-call DNA in association with her Sheltie DNA.

If that’s not the case for Bee though, then I got nuthin’.