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brittney logan

Hi Tracy!

As the research continues, our reference panel will expand as more dogs enroll. In order to add a breed to our panel, we need at least 12 unrelated, pure bred individuals.

I did check out database, and we do not yet have any purebred Plott Hounds (at least that have been confirmed by our participants on their profiles). We do have a variety of Coonhounds, but not enough just yet to add into the panel.

Hopefully as more people enroll and check off that their dog is pure, we will be able to start adding Plott an Coonhounds! One way to get this going is to spread the word to owners that might have these purebred dogs to enroll with us.

Thank you, Tracy, for participating and supporting our research. Our endeavor to find out more about our four legged friends is certainly not over yet!