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brittney logan

Hi Deanna, great questions!

To answer your first one: Do you have an purebred Dalmatian’s in the database?

Yes, we do have purebred Dalmatian in our reference panel. The list of breeds that we are able to call right now are up on our FAQ page. This list will contunie to grow as the research progresses.If there is a breed of interest not in our panel, we encourage our participants to spread the word to owners of these breeds to enroll their dogs. We need at least 12 purebreds per breed in order to add them to our reference panel.

To answer your 6th question: Are financial donations tax deductible?

It is not if you choose our Explorer Level discounted offer of $149 upon completion of 10 surveys, OR if we already have the sample and you pay $99. If you do choose the Explorer Level $249 or our Trailblazer Level, then yes some portion will be tax deductible.

I hope this helps!