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marjie alonso

Hi Mary,

I’ve just returned from quite some time away, and am trying to catch up.

I see that you joined Darwin’s Dogs on February 14th, 2018 (for Valentine’s day I assume!).

You generously donated $30 to the general fund, and then paid $99 for sequencing on September 26th, 2018. Your results were uploaded on December 21st, almost exactly three months after your payment was received.

You have one of our special dogs, whose ancestry is a mystery in so many ways. It’s going to be fascinating to see what further results we get each time we receive an update. I’d have put my money on Cattle dog, for sure, if I’d been asked to guess.

As we’ve responded many times, we don’t have a purebred APBT sample completed yet, nor can we guarantee what mix your dog’s ancestry includes, no matter how much we believe something to be true, or count on results. But we’ll get there, and when you do get further results from us, they’ll be carefully measured and as accurate as possible. This isn’t a quick process, but it is an interesting one – that’s the science part of it, and we’re doing all we can to push that farther along each day.

I’m unsure where your satisfaction is arising from, but I’m closing this thread to comments, and I’ll be taking down this thread tomorrow. You’re welcome to write to me directly at marjie@DarwinsArk.org if you have any further questions.

Anyone else with concerns, please do write and I’ll do my best to resolve the issue.

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