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stephanie paladino

Appreciate the thoughtful replies. As a response to the challenge mentioned of including dogs of reasonably confidant CD status, to the extent that’s possible – that’s why I thought directly reaching out to Dr. Brisbin is the best way. He has dogs on his property raised directly from dogs of known provenance, in the sense that they were wild caught by him and what he considers to be a Carolina Dog. As a scientist, I’d think he’d be interested in having them included. And there are some folks he’s cooperated with that have pooches from his pooches. Even if they’re not in the reference panel, having them in the study means one could still look for patterns in DNA and/or behavioral relationships, right?

As for my pooch in the study, I’d like to ask if y’all can check and make sure that the results sent me really are for my dog – I know there was at least one case of a mix-up, and as I say, the results just seemed so far off in terms of behavior and looks – except for the 1/3 unknown ancestry. I can imagine a lot of people are surprised by results and asking for same, so I hate to add one more request to the staff. But I remain with that doubt. Thanks.