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kathleen morrill

We may be able to add Carolina Dog in a future version of the breed reference panel as we acquire more samples.

As with all reference breeds, we need to gather 12 confident Carolina Dogs — a little tricky given that they aren’t “purebred” in the same sense as other breeds. We want to be certain the dogs in the panel are from the population they represent, rather than a group of unrelated mixed breed dogs, which might just add noise to ancestry results.

From publicly released DNA data, there are only 4 Carolina Dogs. In our database, we do have a lot of dogs indicated as Carolina Dogs — 29 dogs in total — but only three indicated as registered. Of those three, we have 2 samples on-hand, though not-yet-sequenced. Those that are sequenced show a high unknown percentage in their ancestry — I’d like to reach out to their owners to see what they know about their dogs’ backgrounds.