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It may be that there already are some Darwin’s Ark participants with registered CDs, I don’t know–this is, after all, a citizen science project designed to draw upon dog owners’ personal knowledge of their own dogs’ everyday behaviors. Currently, the UKC is the only registry for Carolina Dogs, and Brisbin himself is the keeper of the UKC Carolina Dog studbook, so to own a registered CD is by definition to own a dog Brisbin approved for addition to the studbook (or whose immediate ancestors had all already been thus approved and registered). I mention registration because I gather from previous statements by members of the Darwin’s Ark team that proof of registration is a prerequisite for their using a participant’s dog’s DNA as a breed reference sample. Which would make sense, since that’s how it’s usually done by any researchers or testing companies whose work requires verifying the purebred status of dogs who are specifically being studied as examples of that breed, or whose DNA will be used as a reference in breed mix analysis of other dogs.