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stephanie paladino

Thanks for the reply – I don’t think I’ve seen these two recent studies, and look forward to checking them out. There is a fair amount of romanticization and mythification going on about CD’s – as often happens with anyone’s favorite obsession, but here also with the added element of this radical ‘indigenous’ possibility – which is one of the reasons I think Darwin’s should specifically reach out to Dr. Brisbin et al. If I wanted to look at a potential CD’s DNA, I’d make sure I got it from his/their dogs, since Brisbin in particular is the one defining what they are (or might be) and has the dogs he thinks represent them (unlike many others who think they might). Plus, there are distinctive behaviors and personalities Brisbin et al. associate with the dogs, which fits into the Darwin’s quest – so if there were anything distinctive about them, it would be good to have that in the wider sample.