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kelly edler


I appreciate you getting back to me in such a fast manner! I am not sure if Beanie’s parents were pure breed. Looked that way but maybe not. Ellie and Brodie were rescues I saved.
Ellie I got at 6 weeks and came from a hoarder :(. And got Brodie from someone who had got him from another person and didn’t have much info. I guess was most surprised about Ellie and Brodie because of how the look and what the vet and I guessed and thought. I’ve had people think was chow chow, but doesn’t have the black tongue and when we looked at corgis his face looks exactly a corgis and his coloring is like a golden retriever I wish I knew though because everyone says he’s so pretty and looks like a fox….will my pups DNA results still be qualified to be updated as you add more breeds?

Thanks again,