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kathleen morrill

Hi Kelly,

I checked out your dogs’ results and feedback, and they do appear to be the correct DNA samples. Here are some possibilities for why the percentages and breeds may not be as expected:

For Beanie, you are correct that the Dachshund / Chihuahua ratio isn’t showing as a perfect 50/50. Do you know whether both parents are purebred Dachshund and purebred Chihuahua? Chihuahua can be a fairly diverse breed, so his parent may be a Chihuahua from a rarer lineage.

In Ellie, there are a lot of breeds detected at a low percentage. Ellie’s Beagle ancestry, even at 5%, could be shining through in her appearance and masking other breeds. It’s also possible that the greater percentage of Ellie’s unknown ancestry may come from a breed that is not yet in our reference panel.

If you have information on Brodie’s background and family history, feel free to share it through the feedback form on his page, too. I’m curious where the Corgi comes into his history. We do have only Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the panel, but this tends to be detected even in the Cardigans.

Thank you,