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kathleen morrill

Hi Mary,

I can assure you that American Pit Bull Terrier will be added to the panel no later than December. The reason that it hadn’t been included in the panel initially is because there was no verified, publicly-available genotype data from purebred APBTs. Our algorithm requires at least 12 dogs per breed. We already have data from 3 registered ABPTs, so we reached out to get samples from an additional 9 registered APBTs. These samples are currently being sequenced.

I can also confirm that Izzy is in the same sequencing batch as these 9 APBTs. So, the timing is such that there should be little delay between the return of her data and the updated breed reference with American Pit Bull Terrier!

APBT is a top priority for addition to the breed reference. Soon to be added, also, are Chinook, Saluki, and English Shepherd.