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marjie alonso

Hi Kathy,
We still have Mater’s sample here safe and sound. It looks great and should still be stable. We have been able to send out samples that were over 2 years old and still receive back great results. I will say, however, that this is science, and 100% guarantees just don’t come with science. I guess that’s the good news and the bad news, as sometimes new and exciting things are discovered when things go wrong, and sometimes things going wrong just lead to disappointment and frustration. I have no reason at all to think that anything would go wrong with sequencing Mater’s DNA, but I just wanted to be sure that was said.

It’s remarkably kind and generous of you to consider a donation. If you decide to do so, because we have the sample here and all of the survey questions have been answered, the total cost would be $99.00.

I can’t believe what you and your poor dog went through, all in one year! Yes, it certainly seems that his and your contribution could be extremely valuable. Because we share our data freely, it might be us, it might be another research team in another country, but every sample we get will contribute to someone’s research somewhere, at some point. Dogs like Mater will certainly help point us to relieving these awful health issues, or ones like them, as our knowledge grows.

Please know that a donation is not required or expected, but that it would be very much appreciated, and would help us get Mater’s DNA into the study pool more quickly.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!