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brittney logan

Hi Tracy,

We fully understand you concerns and frustrations. It has taken quite a bit of time because we are purely research and not business run like many other genetic tests out there. I can promise you this is not a bait and switch. We made Darwin’s Ark into an optional donation project so that owners that did not want to wait can pay to have their dogs DNA sequenced right away, which is entirely optional. If participants do not wait to donate, then they do not have to, there is just a bit of a wait time because of grant money.

Prior to us recently launching this research as a non-profit, we have completed sequencing for nearly 1,000 dogs that were funded by our grant money (‘free participation level’). That does not include the recent 400 that were just sent out.

In total, we have received around 4,500 saliva samples so far! All of the samples remain stable and safe until sent for sequencing either by the grant money we have avaliable by owner donations.

We are currently working on uploading our first round of results to Darwin’s Ark owners via their dogs profile. We plan to share these results only on owner profiles, since we do not own the data, we believe it is the owners data and if they wish to share they can.

As for public results that we have shared and had permission from owners to do so, we created a mini project called Mutt Mix Project! We took these results and made it into a survey to see just how well dog people are at guessing mixed breeds. Anyone can still participate in this survey and check out some of the results we got from sequence these interesting Mutts! (owners did received the results)


Having a large sample size of all unique individual dogs participating in citizen science is absolutely amazing! We thank each and everyone one of you for your participation and patience with this research!