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brittney logan

Hi Kathy,

First off, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. Your dog is still more than welcome to continue to contribute to our study if you wish!

We understand your frustrations with the wait, but this is purely research, we are not a business so things run a bit differently.

The wait time is due to various aspect, the top one being limited grant money, so we cannot send out all of the sample were receive at once. We have made changes our webpage and made Darwin’s Ark into a non-profit in order to provide participants with more options and say in when their dogs samples goes out for sequencing. 🙂

Since grant money is the main factor in the wait, owners can now fund their dogs sample if they want it to go out for sequeincing right away! (if you have already sent in your dogs sample and have answered the surveys, then funding your dogs sample is $99.00)

This is of course optional, and you can remain participating for free if you wish. Free participation means that we will be funding your dogs sample from our available grant money for the project. This is where the waitlist comes into play according to when you enrolled and completed the surveys.

If you would like to learn more about our new participation levels, I have provided the link to our FAQ page below. I hope this helps! Again, our condolences go out to you, and we thank you very much for enrolling your dog in our canine behavioral genetics research.