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I agree David. I’m doing it strictly for my own curiosity, that’s why I would never have purchased it from a DNA testing company. I don’t think it really matters what breed they are, at least not to me. I have a dog trainer that I take classes from and she’s said that it might be a bit helpful with knowing how to train my dogs. Some breeds can have behaviors or things that drive them. Like mine we think has terrier in him cause he’s very reactive to motion. The other day he did something and she wondered if he had herding dog in him. I think most people don’t have dogs that are a nightmare like mine so it probably won’t matter as much. Lol. Ultimately we have pretty much figured out all his trouble areas and what works through trial and error. Another benefit could be that certain breeds might be more prone to certain diseases or illnesses and that could help to know what to look out for.